Christmas Trees

At Family Roots Nursery, we offer Canan Fir, White Pine & Concolor Fir.

To preorder a Christmas tree today please stop in or call 812-683-2329

Five reasons to come to Family Roots Nursery for your live Christmas tree

1) Every Tree is Hand Picked. Family Roots inspects every tree for color, shape, density and health. If it's not up to our standards, we won't sell it.

2) Fresher Trees. Most retailers have their trees cut early, but we wait to harvest our trees at just the right time for optimal needle retention. A fresher tree means longer lasting fragrance and fewer needles on the floor! Every tree also receives a fresh cut before it leaves our facility.

3) Variety. Family Roots has traditional Balsam and Douglas Firs as well as premium Frasier Firs in sizes ranging from tabletop trees to 14-foot tall giants.

As a Christmas tree, the Balsam Fir has several desirable properties. It has a dark-green appearance and attractive form. It also retains its pleasing fragrance.

The Douglas Fir is a softer, more fragrant variety of tree. The branches are spreading and drooping. The needles are dark green or blue green in color and usually 1 to 1½ inches long. They have a sweet fragrance that is often used in holiday potpourri scents.

The combination of form, needle retention, dark blue-green color, pleasant scent and excellent shipping characteristics has led to the Fraser Fir being a most popular Christmas tree species.

4) Freestanding Display. Ever buy a wrapped tree only to discover the not-so-festive spots when you open it at home? Not here. Our trees are displayed open and freestanding so you can walk among them and see them 360°. You'll get just the right tree with no hidden weak spots.

5) Complimentary services after you select your tree, we'll fresh-cut the bottom to allow water to absorb into the trunk and we'll wrap it in netting to protect the branches. We'll carry your tree to your car and load it or provide twine and tie it to your car's roof. Some retailers charge extra for these services. Bah Humbug! Delivery is also an option if needed.

Yes, there will be big box stores that sell trees for a little less. But when you consider that all our trees are hand-selected and fresher, and that we provide all these free services, we think you'll agree that a Family Roots tree is an excellent value.

In addition to fresh trees, we offer flocking application to both fresh and artificial trees & greens. The is priced based on the size & density of snow you would like applied. This services requires 24 hours of drying time.

To preorder a Christmas tree today please stop in or call 812-683-2329

Our Gift & Garden Shop also showcases artificial Christmas trees that are decorated in various styles, offering you some holiday decorating ideas.