Valentines Day PSA

Here is my PSA for Valentine's Week & any day of the year for that matter.
If you order flowers or plants from an order gatherer website this is what the recipient will get, an arrangement in a box that they have to put together themselves & half the time they are not even what you selected. Hopefully at that point they have not frozen, been smashed, forgot for a week or lord know what else, not hand arranged and delivered by a real florist. Now why in the world would you make them do it themselves-it is not a gift at that point. PLEASE order directly through your local florist's website or storefront, they are the people you sit with in church, cheer with at ballgames, they keep your money locally in YOUR community!!!
I appreciate you sharing this to help educate those that may not be aware of this. 100% of the orders placed on our website are hand arranged & hand delivered.
PS if you order from an order gatherer and then think I'm going to arrange them for you, you might want to think again. <YES, this has been asked>
We will have extended hours this weekend & a website that is open 24/7 that will ensure you have a very HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY ❤

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